Bath & Body Works Winter/Christmas Candles

I know that the season just changed from summer to autumn, but holiday collections are already popping up in stores, and I have to admit I’m kind of excited! I placed an order from the test store in Johnson City, TN a few weeks ago and received 7 of the new holiday candles. This year, Bath & Body Works is carrying 2 brands of candles, White Barn Candle Company and Slatkin & Co. The White Barn candles have the gold top and the Slatkin & Co. candles have the silver top. I haven’t noticed much of a difference between the two brands, other than the White Barn candles perhaps being a bit more adventurous with their scents. Overall, I like all of the candles that I ordered, however some I wouldn’t repurchase.

Top Row (L-R): Snowed In, Sweater Weather
Bottom Row (L-R): Cedarwood Oak, White Barn No.2 Chestnut and Clove

Snowed In:

  • Description: ‘Spend the day indoors, away from the cold wind, decorating for the perfect holiday with the inspiring fragrance of fresh juniper, sugared sap, and sage.’
  • Scent Throw: Strong, but not overwhelming.
  • Burns Well? Yes
  • My thoughts: Very piney scent, but smells slightly soapy. Fresh and herbal. Don’t know what they mean by ‘sugared sap’ in the description, but it does not have a sweetness to it. The sage scent comes through.
  • Repurchase? No

Sweater Weather:

  • Description: ‘An invigorating scent that celebrates the first day of sweater weather in fall-fresh eucalyptus, juniper berries and sage.’
  • Scent Throw: Very strong, but also very pleasant.
  • Burns Well? Yes
  • My thoughts: My favorite of the bunch. Very piney. Can smell the freshness of eucalyptus, can smell the herbalness of the sage, can smell the juniper but not a berry smell. The candle’s description is pretty much spot-on. I don’t know if this scent will release nationwide, so call a test store and ask!
  • Repurchase? Yes

Cedarwood Oak:

  • Description: ‘Be transported to a sun-dappled grove of late blooming autumn trees with the scents of crisp lemon, amber, cedar, oak, and apple blossoms, drifting in the air.’
  • Scent Throw: Strong, but pleasant.
  • Burns Well? Yes
  • My thoughts: Very woodsy scent, but with a slight undertone of apple. Can’t smell the lemon. Smells like a much woodsier version of the Autumn candle. You would think this would be a very cologne-like scent, but it’s not.
  • Repurchase? Yes

White Barn No. 2 Chestnut and Clove:

  • Description: ‘A rich mixture of dark chestnut, crisp cedar, and fresh cloves conjures up heartwarming memories of the coziness and happiest holidays.’
  • Scent Throw: Not super strong, but can still smell it.
  • Burns Well? Yes
  • My thoughts: A repackage of ‘Winter Cabin’ from last year. Can definitely smell the chestnut and the clove. Can smell the cedar. Slight pine scent as well, although very small.
  • Repurchase? Yes

Top: Sparkling Icicles
Bottom Row (L-R): Holiday, Twinkling Night

Sparkling Icicles:

  • Description: ‘As sparkling and luminescent as icicles on a tree under a winter’s moon, this fragrance combines moss, bergamot with the perfect finishing touch – a citrus bouquet.’
  • Scent Throw: Very strong. Not unpleasant to me, but if you have a sensitive nose, you may be bothered by it.
  • Burns Well? Yes
  • My thoughts:
  • Repurchase? Yes


  • Description: ‘A fragrance that captures the warmth and spices of the holidays with a special blend of cinnamon and clove highlighted by sprightly bergamot.’
  • Scent Throw: VERY strong. Almost overwhelming.
  • Burns Well? Yes
  • My thoughts: This candle smells like straight cinnamon to me, which I don’t mind. I do not smell the bergamot in this, at all. Pretty sure this is a repackage of the old ‘Spice’ candle.
  • Repurchase? Yes

Twinkling Night:

  • Description: ‘An inspired, shimmering fragrance to set the scene for the perfect holiday fete – luscious blackberry and sweet nectar layered with notes of dark woods and patchouli.’
  • Scent Throw: Light
  • Burns Well? Yes
  • My thoughts: Very perfume-like, very sweet. Can smell the fruitiness of the blackberry. Can’t smell the patchouli.
  • Repurchase? No

I am excited to try all of the other holiday candles that Bath & Body Works has in store for us! Thus far I have seen ‘Snowed In’ and ‘White Barn No.2’ in stores. I believe the next roll-out of holiday candles is October 29th.

Which holiday candles have you tried?




2 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Winter/Christmas Candles

  1. Great reviews on the candles! “Sweater Weather” sounds like a great fall to winter transitional scent! It will be first on my list! Do you have any thoughts on the “Thanksgiving” candle in stores now?

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