Review: Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

Embarrassing fact: I haven’t cut my hair since July of 2011. I’m sure you can imagine what the ends of my hair look like. Not great. I really need to get around to going to the hair salon, but as a temporary solution, I have been using Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil. This hair oil claims to accomplish a multitude of tasks such as detangle the hair, add shine to the hair, protect the hair from heat, tame frizz, and more.

This hair oil is my favorite that I have tried so far. I normally use the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment, but I find that, although it does a lot for my hair in terms of softness, it can make my hair look greasy and flat. The Bumble and Bumble oil makes my hair silky soft and gives it shine, without making my hair look greasy or weighing it down. You can use the oil wet or dry. Used wet, it makes for a great de-tangler! I pump about 2 squirts into my hands, rub them together slightly and run my hands through my hair (wet or dry). I stay away from any hair above the ears, as I want to keep the most volume possible in that area. After this, I style my hair, which seems to work better with the oil in my hair (probably because it temporarily seals my split ends!).

It is packed with an impressive amount of oils (6), although the main conditioners in this oil are silicones, as many other hair oils. Most people hear the word ‘silicone’ and immediately think BAD. This is not the case. For whatever reason, silicones have received a lot of negativity in the cosmetic world. Silicones are actually one of the most effective conditioners. When applied, they decrease the porosity of the hair which prevents moisture loss. It is also a great heat protectant. The only unfavorable aspect of silicones is the build-up of product in the hair over a span of time due to their resistance to water. You will see a bit of build up with this product, as it uses dimethicone, the heaviest silicone used in haircare (also, the most effective, so don’t let it scare you!) It is nothing that a good clarifying shampoo can’t cure.

Overall, this hair oil is a great product. The best aspect is its lightweight feel and consistency. You do not see this very often in an oil, and it is greatly appreciated!

Has anyone tried this hair oil? Any other hair oils? Thoughts?

Xoxo, Sarah


2 thoughts on “Review: Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

  1. I use argan oil, which sounds like it’s basically the same thing as the hairdresser’s oil! I buy it in the spray bottle from sally’s and it legit lasts forever and it’s only like $10. Since I color and use heat on my hair a lot, I use it on my dry hair right after I’ve straightened it and concentrate on the ends so that it smooths fly aways and keeps my ends from looking like that of a broom that got into a nasty fight with a shop vac.

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